Paint and Polly ? Or something else

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Paint and Polly ? Or something else

Postby oldstuckinthemud » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:38 am

OK I have a prop for the Waterbug, wooden.
It's in good shape no splits, or peeling made out of laminated wood.
Currently it has some Kind of "Varnish" on it and looks worn .
I want to recoat it and paint it, camo.
What is better?

Plan A:
sand and seal.
Brush on a Good implement enamel for the camo colors.
Then some several coats of Polyurethane.
Or is "spar" varnish a better choice for a finish?
Is there something even better?
I'll be running it on water in the summer and snow/ice in the winter
Hit the gas and pray

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