Working on the cat hull, Waterbug

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Working on the cat hull, Waterbug

Postby oldstuckinthemud » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:10 am

As I'm waiting for my chain and sprockets for the final drive.
They should be here sometime today.

In the meantime I've been working more on the cat hull.
I did find out that Mt will soon require a positive drain in a boat, aka bung plug. Gota put something in even if I never use it.

I have to have my buddy do the welding.

I have expanded aluminum to put over the center front to back for a walk way, and it will cover the Motor/drive deck in the back .
In the cat in the back under the mesh will be foam/ floatation .
In the front in the cats will be some kind of "step" system to get in from the front.
Under the walk way I plan a waterproof Nylon cover and floatation pack that will stop the water from getting in to the cats and prop. I'll put the 15 gal fuel tank in between the cats also kinda up front under the walk way.
Hit the gas and pray

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